Christmas in the UK


by Meldyva Schramm

Student Reporter


26 December 2019


Cardiff, Wales – Who doesn’t love Christmas? The time has finally come to celebrate everyone’s favourite holiday. Christmas has always been the time of year where we spend time with our families and loved ones, whether it’s going to church mass in the morning or wearing tacky Christmas sweaters and opening presents.  


Now as students studying abroad, we are not always able to fly back home for every holiday and as luck would have it, my turn turned out to be this holiday. Nonetheless, there werea lot of things I could entertain myself with during the holidays. 


Every winter, cities all across the United Kingdom puts up a Christmas market in their city centre. The market usually starts in the beginning of November and ends right before Christmas Day. There are lots of different stalls to look at and they range from selling fudge to arts and crafts, or even if you’re just there to grab a pint with your friends. 


If you ever get hungry in the midst of exploring, not to worry because they have food stalls as well. You are free to choose from sausages and roasted pork rolls to churros and crepes. 


Most of the stalls are filled with people selling locally-sourced or handmade products. One of the highlights of this year’s Christmas market goes to the parents who were sharing their Christmas spirit by selling drawings made by their autistic son. 


At first glance, the drawings looked like photographs but it just turned out to be very detailed. It became more impressive after one of the parents explained that he taught himself how to draw when he was 14 years old. It was a very touching story to hear on a Sunday afternoon and if you’d like to know more:


Putting aside the sentimental things, if you are looking to have a little bit of fun with your friends or trying to impress your date by winning her a giant teddy bear then Winter Wonderland is the place to be. You can enjoy the attractions they have to offer such as ice skating or bumper cars or simply walk through the place and enjoy the scenery. 


Every year, the attractions and rides are switched up. Although the size of it is comparably smaller as to the more known Winter Wonderland in London, it is still worth a visit. 


The festivities in the United Kingdom is a wonderful thing to be a part of, so if you are looking to visit do not forget to bring warm clothes and wear tons of layers during an outing. 


Merry Christmas everyone!